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iCabin - In Flight Entertainment

iCabin - In Flight Entertainment
iCabin - In Flight Entertainment

iCabin - In Flight Entertainment
iCabin - In Flight Entertainment

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New Generation of In-Flight Entertainment

iCabin™ is both easy to use and incredibly powerful. Built on the most stable operating architecture and designed to be simple and intuitive, it’s what makes the iCabin innovative.
iCabin™ technology unifies all of your audio, video, lighting, climate, cabin light management, communications, and other electronic systems into one seamless experience.

The iCabin™ will redefine and transform a standard interior into a “smart” cabin interior with a visionary solution that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance-friendly architecture.

Unique Features of iCabin IFE

- Obsolescence Proof- As new iDevices (iPad, iPhone, and iPods) are released, just
download latest App and connect to source equipment. Passenger will always have the latest technology.

- Wireless- Stream all movies and movies from the server to iPads wirelessly.

- Lightweight: Basic System weight less than 5 lbs. Lightest IFE system available on the market

- Media Storage: Operator no longer has to store physical media such as dvd’s or cd’s.
iCabin has digital library storing 800 movies and 15, 000 songs.

- Movies: Passengers now have a choice. Current IFE systems, a dvd is installed and every
passenger onboard has to watch the same movie. With iCabin, every passenger can watch
what ever they want. 20 different movies can be streamed simultaneously to 20 different iPads without any hesitation.

- Music: All music is streamed wirelessly to passengers iDevices. You can also stream
you own music through the existing stereo system wirelessly.

- Certification: Approved for FAR 23 and FAR 25 Aircraft

- Simple: No user manual required

- Cover flow interface- swipe side to side to view all movies on server. Multiple options to view movie library.
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