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Seller: CloudNineAviation
Price Call for Pricing
Year: 2008
Aircraft Type: Learjet 60XR
Location: Santa Barbara
Condition: New
Serial Number: 337
Registration Number: N60LJ
Total Time: N/A
Avionics/Radios: • Second Honeywell KHF-1050
• Long Range Comm (XR)
• Rockwell Collins TWR-850
• Enhanced Weather Radar (XR)
• Rosemount Ice Detection System (XR)
• Cockpit Voice Recorder (Exchange)
• 3D FMS Maps (XR)
• Rockwell Collins Datalink (with 3rd VHF) (XR)
• Dual FSU with Electronic Charts (XR)
• Enhanced Map Overlays (Dual FSU Configuration) (XR)
• Universal Weather (Dual FSU Configuration) (XR)
Interior/Exterior: • XR Executive Floorplan A (8 Pax)
• ICS-200 Iridium Dual Channel Telephone System (wireless handsets) (XR)
• Airshow 410 (XR)
• Airshow World-Wide Map Coverage
• 15.1-inch (38cm) Forward Video Monitor (XR)
• Cabin Video System – Single DVD (XR)
• Passenger Audio/Video Inputs (each) (XR)
• XM Radio (US Only) (XR)
Dual Hot Liquid Containers (XR)
Wood Veneer Package – High Gloss (XR)
• Crystal, China and Flatware (CCF) and Inserts (XR)
• Microwave Oven – 28VDC (XR)
• Add Plated Sidewall Metal Inlays
Additional Equipment: • Dual Rechargeable Flashlights
• Pulsating Recognition and Landing Lights
• Tail Illumination Package
• Cockpit Speaker Mute
• Third Emergency Battery (XR)
• Emergency Lighting Package (XR)
• Equipped with APU and FDR
Includes Free Factory Paint Scheme!
Free Pilot and Mechanic training!
Immediate Delivery at the Factory!

RVSM and JAR-Ops capable
Buyer receives new, no charge factory pai nt scheme
Buyer receives training for 2 pilots and 2 mechanics
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